The Elegance of a Lace Bridal Dress

An increasing number of women these days are taking their weddings to the next level with lace bridal dresses. And why not? They’re classic, elegant, and add texture and visual appeal.
Lace bridal dresses offer a way to personalize your appearance and add dimension to your ceremony while still being timeless and classic. Kate Middleton, member of the British Royal Family, looked absolutely amazing in her romantic lace bridal dress and perfectly demonstrated why lace bridal dresses have always been in style. The look made her look refined and graceful but also sophisticated and confident at the same time. Her dress turned many heads and exemplified the power of lace bridal dresses. These dresses cover most while revealing some and add a grace note of tradition to a contemporary wedding ceremony.
When preparing for your important bridal day, lace bridal dresses are a wonderful choice. They have been noted for their ability to always be in fashion since their origin in the fifteenth century. While it is not clear if the invention of needle lace was discovered by Italy or Flanders (a region on the border of Belgium and France), what is clear, is that it was and still is in high demand and cherished for its intricate workmanship and ethereal patterns. By Victorian times, it was very uncommon for a bride to marry without some form of frilly threadwork somewhere on their bridal dress. These days, lace bridal dresses are the top choice when trying to achieve the perfect balance of elegance and beauty. Molly Sims, the American model and actress, looked stunning on her wedding day thanks in part to her gorgeous lace bridal dress that accentuated her long legs and thin frame. The gown was fitted through the bodice, and then flared out at the knees, creating a very dramatic effect. 
Lace bridal dresses are so popular, that many celebrities walk down the red carpet wearing pieces that could be used to walk down the aisle. It is not uncommon to see such stars as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, or Isabel Lucas wearing lace dresses to big time events simply because these gowns scream of quality, sophistication, and beauty. It is for these same reasons that brides all over the world and as long as lace has been in existence, that lace bridal dresses remain the default choice in bridal wear on the day of the wedding ceremony.

Celebrities and Lace Bridal Dresses

Lace Bridal Dresses