The Many Looks Of The Lace Bridal Dress

The best way to take a regular wedding dress and turn it into a head turner is to infuse some lace into the design. Though it comes at a cost, most good and respectable bridal shops have connections to the original dress designers, who can transform your dress into a lace bridal dress. One thing to also keep in mind is that you have to be very careful in selecting your lace bridal dress because lace is one of the most sensitive materials to work with. Always handle your dress with care and keep the dress in plastic when not in use to avoid having the lace accidentally snag on any surrounding sharp objects.
For the traditionalist, a lace bridal dress is still an excellent way to honor the past and can even be carried throughout the ceremony and reception as a step back in time. A lace bridal dress looks amazing regardless of the time period or type of dress the lace is used with. Whether you decide to include the puffy shoulders is up to you, but this lace bridal dress screams of a time from long ago.
A more modern look would be to go in the direction of a maybe a sleeveless sheath lace bridal dress or knee high. Taking a traditional element like lace and working into newer, more edgy bridal fashions maintains the elegance, but also adds a modern twist.

If you are going for a combination old meets new look, the shining example of a lace bridal dress would be Kate Middleton’s lace bridal dress. This was a gorgeous look that she pulled off to perfection.

Another option is to accent a bridal dress with lace, by using lace in the veil or bodice of the dress. This would be ideal for someone who wants a hint of lace but maybe unsure about using it throughout the entire dress.
While many options abound for today’s bride, a lace bridal dress is always a good choice to ensure that you’ll radiate with grace, sophistication, and elegance. Whichever style of lace bridal dress you ultimately decide upon, it will undoubtedly be a decision you look back on and are more than happy with. As mentioned earlier, these dresses are increasingly getting a second life as elegant formalwear, but sometimes a well made lace bridal dress makes the perfect gift to be handed down to the next generation for her big day.   

Lace Bridal Dresses