Why Women Love Lace Bridal Dresses

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that lace bridal dresses have always been, since their creation, one of the mostly widely worn types of bridal dresses. Today, while some brides are wearing lace bridal dresses in new ways with new and exciting designs, still others are opting for a throwback to a simpler time. More and more, vintage lace bridal dresses are making their way back onto the floors of fashion boutiques as well as into the imaginations of fashionistas across the globe. From the red carpet to Main Street, these dresses are as popular now as they ever have been and the reason is very simple:

They are simply beautiful.
It’s obvious; these lace bridal dresses have a refined, yet mysterious quality about them. They hint at the exotic, and capture the attention and imagination of everyone. Bridal dresses, by themselves, are a splendid display of finely designed couture. However, when you introduce lace into an already gorgeous bridal dress, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts, taking something that is already beautiful and turning it into something jaw dropping. It is no surprise that lace bridal dresses have stood the test of time as the piece to wear for special events and occasions. 

They are both timeless and fashion forward.

Not many pieces can accomplish what a lace bridal dress can. Because of its versatility, lace bridal dresses can be worn in so many ways and evoke very different feelings. Depending on how the lace is designed and where it is introduced into the dress, for example, can shift an edgy and adventurous lace bridal dress into a more classic Victorian vintage dress. There is no one single design for these lace dresses; they can range from mid-thigh to floor-length, no sleeves to lacey Victorian sleeves. Whatever your fashion sense, you can surely incorporate this in your wardrobe.
They are the modern take on the classic lace.

For years, lace has been associated with formality and sophistication. And while it has been mostly utilized in formal occasions such as weddings, women are now introducing lace bridal dresses as second use formal wear. Lace bridal dresses offer women the ability to wear something that everyone recognizes as high-end and elegant to functions that aren’t necessarily weddings. Because most people often associate lace bridal dresses in this way, the transition from weddings to formal wear becomes seamless as illustrated by many celebrities.

Lace Bridal Dresses